The ABCs of XML:
The Librarian's Guide to the eXtensible Markup Language

by Norman Desmarais


August 6, 2001

Using the emerging standard of VoiceXML an exchange of information between human and a computer is becoming like a real conversation. Read an article by Steve Chambers at

May 3, 2001

The World Wide Web Consortium has released XML Schema as a W3C Recommendation. For further information go to

March 26, 2002

World Wide Web Consortium issued Canonical XML 1.0 that provides foundation for digital signatures as a W3C recommendation. For further information, go to

January 12, 2001

A new book by Benoit Marchal entitled Applied XML Solutions provides helpful information in applying XML to a variety of real-world situation. Go to for more information about this book.

September 15, 2000

A piece of software from XML Solutions can translate, in either direction, any version of EDI to any version of XML. For more information, go to

July 21, 2000

Read "It's independence day for XML" and "IBM pumps up XML for B2B" Both appeared in eWeek and their web addresses are:,4153,2433302,00.html and,4153,2433301,00.html respectively.

April 27, 2000

A project team led by Dick R. Miller of Stanford Medical Center has undertaken a project that they named MEDLANE for restructuring serial, circulation and traditional bibliographic data for deployment in changing digital environments. Visit for the recent update of this project.